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Welcome to my personal cyber space. At this point, only limited number of content is set up. Do come back later for more.

Update 28 November, 2005
Site temp shut down until further notice
Due to some holes in script I'm using, the site has to shut down until I have time to fix everything up.
At the mean time, everyone's welcome to email me at angvil AT angvil DOT port5 DOT com

Update 22nd July, 2004!! Bees photo!
Update 12th Mar, 2004!! More Sculpture photo 2004!
Update 1st Jan,2004!! New layout with frame!
Update 5th Dec!! more photo at sculpture class
Update 4th Dec!! see my chocolate in photo album!
Update 23rd Nov!! see my snowflake collection

My blog (frequently updated web journal)

Photo albums!

Sculpture class Winter 2004!!

My sculpture class fall 2003!!
You're welcome to leave comments, or to let me know the captions you want for your picture at my blog

My chocolate (made for Christmas 2003)

My Drawings (mostly from drawing class 2003 @ AGO)

Cats!! (not mine. Love them all the same)

Misc photo (my turtles and other stuff)